New digiKam AppImage Linux Bundle 64 bits version 5.7.0 with Qt 5.9.0 and KF5 5.35.0

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at
Sat Jun 24 21:43:36 BST 2017

Hi all,

I share here a new about the new AppImage Linux Bundle 64 bits that i
just finish to compile under CentoOS 6.8.

I dropped QWebkit in favor of QWebEngine. This take age and require a
lots of work due to new dependencies and run time file to share in

Last KF5 5.35 has been also included.

It start to work. digiKam run fine as i can see. But at end when
application is close, digiKam carsh like this :

digikam.geoiface: "level 4: 0 non empty tiles sorted into 0 clusters
(0 searched)"
digikam.geoiface: start updateclusters
digikam.geoiface: end updateclusters
digikam.general: scan mode: ScanDeferredFiles
digikam.general: total scan value :  36703
digikam.database: items to tag ()
digikam.database: Complete scan took: 2095 msecs.
digikam.general: Event is dispatched to KDE desktop notifier
No text-to-speech plug-ins were found.
digikam.geoiface: ----
digikam.general: Cancel Main Thread
digikam.general: Cancel Main Thread
[Thread 0x7ffeab7fe700 (LWP 15913) exited]
[Thread 0x7ffeaaffd700 (LWP 15914) exited]
[Thread 0x7ffea87f8700 (LWP 15919) exited]
[Thread 0x7ffea97fa700 (LWP 15917) exited]
[Thread 0x7ffeabfff700 (LWP 15912) exited]
[Thread 0x7ffea8ff9700 (LWP 15918) exited]
[Thread 0x7ffeaa7fc700 (LWP 15915) exited]
[Thread 0x7ffea9ffb700 (LWP 15916) exited]
QObject::disconnect: Unexpected null parameter
[Thread 0x7fff98143700 (LWP 15867) exited]
[Thread 0x7fff3dffb700 (LWP 15866) exited]
[New Thread 0x7fff3dffb700 (LWP 16000)]
[Thread 0x7fffd3fff700 (LWP 15818) exited]
[Thread 0x7ffea67f4700 (LWP 15935) exited]
[Thread 0x7fff5dffb700 (LWP 15855) exited]
[Thread 0x7fff3ffff700 (LWP 15858) exited]
[Thread 0x7fff5cff9700 (LWP 15857) exited]

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 0x7fff5f7fe700 (LWP 15852)]
0x00007fffda949801 in udev_list_entry_delete () from /lib64/
Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install
glibc-2.20-24.mga5.x86_64 lib64dbus1_3-1.8.20-1.mga5.x86_64
lib64drm2-2.4.59-1.mga5.x86_64 lib64expat1-2.1.0-9.3.mga5.x86_64
lib64gpg-error0-1.13-3.mga5.x86_64 lib64ice6-1.0.9-3.mga5.x86_64
lib64icu53-53.1-12.7.mga5.x86_64 lib64nss-mdns2-0.10-15.mga5.x86_64
lib64nss3-3.28.5-1.mga5.x86_64 lib64openal1-1.16.0-4.mga5.x86_64
lib64pci3-3.2.1-5.mga5.x86_64 lib64pcre1-8.38-1.mga5.x86_64
lib64sm6-1.2.2-4.mga5.x86_64 lib64sqlite3_0-3.10.2-1.mga5.x86_64
lib64udev1-217-11.2.mga5.x86_64 lib64usb1.0_0-1.0.19-9.mga5.x86_64
lib64uuid1-2.25.2-3.5.mga5.x86_64 lib64x11_6-1.6.3-1.mga5.x86_64
lib64xcb1-1.11.1-1.mga5.x86_64 lib64xdmcp6-1.1.1-7.mga5.x86_64
lib64zlib1-1.2.8-7.1.mga5.x86_64 libgcc1-4.9.2-4.1.mga5.x86_64
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00007fffda949801 in udev_list_entry_delete () from /lib64/
#1  0x00007fffda9498fe in udev_list_cleanup () from /lib64/
#2  0x00007fffda948304 in udev_monitor_unref () from /lib64/
#3  0x00007fffec9efa79 in ?? () from
#4  0x00007fffedcd585a in ?? () from
#5  0x00007fffed17d95b in ?? () from
#6  0x00007fffed17dee9 in ?? () from
#7  0x00007fffed1ae29d in ?? () from
#8  0x00007fffed1aa37d in ?? () from
#9  0x00007ffff55355bd in start_thread () from /lib64/
#10 0x00007fffe50e862d in clone () from /lib64/

The bundle is available at usual place :

Please test and report here all visible dysfunctions. Thanks in advance.


Gilles Caulier

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