[digikam] [Bug 378929] DNG conversion fails in Windows 10 for Olympus ORF files

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Fri Jun 23 01:00:20 BST 2017


--- Comment #10 from grix at grix.tk ---
Installed new version (13-Jun-2017 05:44)
Still not working in windows 10 pro 64
works perfectly on linux bundle
When the image is properly converted the photo footer should show "OLYMPUS
IMAGE CAMERA". In windows version there is no footer
Lightroom works in the same computer and writes the footer "OLYMPUS IMAGE
CAMERA" and conversion is good
I have tested in other computer with windows 10 home 64 with same result. Image
is black and only thumbnail can be seen. There is no "OLYMPUS ... " footer

any ideas ? is there anyone that can test in windos 10 ?


Guillermo Munoz

P.D.linux bundle is (in my opinion) much safe and better way for distribute
is there a bundle for windows ?

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