[digikam] [Bug 375700] Digikam freezes for a long time (I/O wait) if similarity range is set too low

Jens bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Jan 29 13:44:32 GMT 2017


--- Comment #2 from Jens <jens-bugs.kde.org at spamfreemail.de> ---
Update: This is one example SQL query that freezes upon restart.
But if I remove this query from digikam4.db / Searches table, then another one
freezes, so I suspect a deeper issue.

In any case, Digikam should not freeze or refuse to start up because of a saved
search. IMHO. :)

digikam.database: Search query:
 "SELECT DISTINCT Images.id, Images.name, Images.album,       
Albums.albumRoot,        ImageInformation.rating, Images.category,       
ImageInformation.format, ImageInformation.creationDate,       
Images.modificationDate, Images.fileSize,        ImageInformation.width,
ImageInformation.height,        ImagePositions.latitudeNumber,
ImagePositions.longitudeNumber  FROM Images        LEFT JOIN ImageInformation
ON Images.id=ImageInformation.imageid        LEFT  JOIN ImageMetadata    ON
Images.id=ImageMetadata.imageid        LEFT  JOIN VideoMetadata    ON
Images.id=VideoMetadata.imageid        LEFT  JOIN ImagePositions   ON
Images.id=ImagePositions.imageid        INNER JOIN Albums           ON
Albums.id=Images.album WHERE Images.status=1 AND (  ( (  (Albums.relativePath
LIKE ?) OR (Images.name LIKE ?) OR (Images.id IN    (SELECT imageid FROM
ImageTags     WHERE tagid IN    (SELECT id FROM Tags WHERE name LIKE ?))) OR
(Albums.caption LIKE ?) OR (Albums.collection LIKE ?) OR (Images.id IN  (SELECT
imageid FROM ImageComments   WHERE type=? AND comment LIKE ?)) OR (Images.id IN
 (SELECT imageid FROM ImageComments   WHERE type=? AND comment LIKE ?))  ) ) 
 (QVariant(QString, "%teppich%"), QVariant(QString, "%teppich%"),
QVariant(QString, "%teppich%"), QVariant(QString, "%teppich%"),
QVariant(QString, "%teppich%"), QVariant(int, 1), QVariant(QString,
"%teppich%"), QVariant(int, 3), QVariant(QString, "%teppich%"))
digikam.geoiface: "ROADMAP"
digikam.geoiface: "setting backend marble"
digikam.geoiface: "ROADMAP"
digikam.geoiface: ----
digikam.general: Cancel Main Thread
digikam.geoiface: ----

VACUUM resulted in

Die Datenbank wurde unter Verwendung des VACUUM-Statements komprimiert.
Vor dem Komprimieren:
        Seitenanzahl = 66474
        Datenbankgröße = 68069376 Bytes
Nachdem komprimieren:n  Seitenanzahl = 970
        Datenbankgröße = 993280 bytes

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