[digikam] [Bug 375573] Don't reset/destroy context after deleting one image among a set of duplicates

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Hey Dan,

there was a bug before 5.4 with a quite long discussion (
https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=261417 ). To make it short:
When some image from a duplicates album is deleted, the count of duplicates for
this album has to be adjusted. Otherwise, we provide wrong information. Also,
the deleted image may be member of other duplicates albums. Thus, they have to
be adjusted, too. Some of the albums may even vanish if this was the only
duplicate to the reference image.

Following this, I took the most performant approach: all duplicates albums that
contained the image are rescanned for duplicates and followingly refreshed.
This may take some time depending on images involved. During this time, the
image view loses the connection to the duplicates album since it is not present
during rescan but only afterwards.

So, what you experience is the lost connection.

I agree that the workflow is interrupted in this case. If only one duplicates
album needs to be adjusted, trying to just decrement the image count would be
feasible. But as soon as another duplicates album becomes dirty by the
a rescan should be definitely done, I think.
Delaying the rescan would technically be possible. the problem here is that we
cannot estimate the usual time a user should have until a rescan is done.
If a duplicates album has 100 items and you delete one image per second, the
delay is okay. But 10 seconds delay, for example may again interrupt the
workflow of users.

Any comments/opinions to this?

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