[digikam] [Bug 123097] SCAN : ignore some directories in digiKam [patch]

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Mon Jan 23 18:04:22 GMT 2017


--- Comment #45 from caulier.gilles at gmail.com ---

I'm not fully satisfied by this patch.

1/ we must set a default ignore list of files/directories already know as
problematic while scanning collections

For example :

- under MacOS, .DS_Store hidden files are created everywhere by Desktop search
engines. This bloat disk of course but there is no way that i know to disable
this feature.

- Under Linux/Plasma, Dolphin files manager permit to customize icon view order
by directory. This generate .directory hidden files.

- Under Linux/Plasma, the trash tool create an hidden directory .Trash-_userid_
with a content of deleted files. This one must be ignored by digiKam.

And i forget certainly some hidden files/directories under other desktops as
Gnome or Windows.

I propose to set a list that we know already to ignore. This list must be
visible by end user from config panel, like it's already done in View/Mime-Type
section for each setting.

Gilles Caulier

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