[digikam] [Bug 150531] SCHEMA : add album password-protect feature

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Seconded. Not just for other people browsing, but also for myself.

I have a tag group called "for.." and subgroups called "All", "Family",
"Friends" and "Nobody!!!". The last group shows images of family members
bathing, for example.

I never show my whole library to other people. Only the respective tag groups
are shown. But quite often, I miss some pictures from this tag collection and
have to resort searching my whole library - and have to tell everybody to look
away for a while, which is cumbersome.

A hidden option - something like "Hide images tagged with [___]" - would solve
this. I could just hide the "Nobody!!!" images and people could view my

File system access rights or groups do not work here at all (and are the wrong
approach) because they would need to apply to thumbnails and metadata as well,
which Digikam saves spread over several places. Far too complicated.

Also, I am not concerned about hackers or malicious people, just about casual
usage and accidental viewing of NSFF (not safe for family... ;) ) images.

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