[digikam] [Bug 375035] Out of memory during face tagging

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Sat Jan 14 14:33:41 GMT 2017


--- Comment #3 from lesf at gmx.de ---
Downgraded to 5.3, to no avail.

I had a closer look into the system log: it seems that for every new face,
Digikam runs this "digikam.facedb: Checkout compressed histogram".

Say, I'm currently tagging 'Alice'. I see the 'Checkout compressed histogram'
only for the first time I tag 'Alice'. Tagging following 'Alice' faces don't
trigger a checkout. Now, when I want to tag 'Bob', the 'Checkout compressed
histogram' runs again, eats up all my memory, and Digikam gets killed.

So, work-around for me: tag all faces of one person, restart Digikam, tag
another person, and so on. Not a very nice workflow :-/

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