[digikam] [Bug 374225] Add possibility to remove face identities by removing tag and remove person tags but preserving the tags themselves [patch]

Simon Frei freisim93 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 09:10:11 GMT 2017

> --- Comment #15 from Mario Frank <mario.frank at uni-potsdam.de> ---
> Simon, polishing my patches is completely okay.
> Just to be safe. Deleting the region, the identity and the connection from tag
> to image is okay?
I think deleting the region and identity by default, and asking about
the tag is a sane behaviour.
> Should I sync the metadata or not? What should I adopt in my patch?
Yes, metadata should be synced (always). However this is not done in
many (if not all, I didn't check) methods of tagmodificationhelper. The
other methods delete tags via AlbumManager and looking at the right tag
sidebar, syncing metadata involves some fileworker interfaces. So this
seems quite a big and separate fix that is not directly related to this.
I discuss/solve that part in a new issue.

Do you agree on Gilles proposition to change "Delete person tag" to
"Remove Face Tag"?

Another question: The patch introduced a new method with an sql query.
In the existing code such queries are sometimes done directly via
execSql, at other places via get-/exec- DBAction, so from
dbconfig.xml.cmake.in .
What decides whether a query gets into dbconfig.xml.cmake.in or whether
it doesn't?

And only for my education, so ignore at will:
In the tagmodificationhelper methods, arguments are sometimes passed by
reference (lists), sometimes not (single album) while both underlying
types are pointers. Any particular reason for that?

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