[digikam] [Bug 374225] Add possibility to remove face identities by removing tag and remove person tags but preserving the tags themselves [patch]

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Wed Jan 11 21:40:36 GMT 2017


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Some conceptual questions:
>The naming "Delete person tag" could be misunderstood as actually deleting the >tag, not just its "affiliation" to a face. Something like "Delete face
>(identity)"/"Remove person from tag" would IMO be clearer, but it doesn't >completely convince me either. I think it is necessary to clarify this, any >ideas?

In all case, the action title must be short in all case. Sometime it's complex
to found the right words. By chance tooltip ans whatthis feature can help to
describe with long phrase an action not well defined.

In this case, i vote for "Remove Face Tag" or something like that. "Face Tags"
is used everywhere in GUI, not identity. In fact we ifentify a persone by a
face, so the term is the most right to use here.  

>To implement the part I already implemented (incompletely): My preferred >option would be to extend the existing function that removes a tag to also >remove the face identity and regions when the deleted tag is a person tag, >also if the people sidebar is not active. This seems the cleanest way, as >otherwise we have information "hanging around" in the db and metadata, that is >not accessible from the UI (the user can still keep this stuff). The downside: >It adds even more potential popup questions the user has to answer. Opinions?

Yes this is the right way. But take a care this have side efeect with images
metadata to sync with DB contents :

1/ The user must do it himself trough Maintenance tool
2/ The user enable to "Use Lazy Synchronisation" option from metadata settings
panel to place items to synchronize in a queue. This one is processed when user
use Caption sidebar tab and options on the bottom or at end of digiKam session.
3/ All items are all processed when face tag is removed.

In all cases, processing can take a while.


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