[digikam] [Bug 374180] Other tags assigned to the picture is disturbing when looking at face tags

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Sun Jan 8 09:29:02 GMT 2017


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(In reply to Simon from comment #7)
> Thanks for the screenshot, it definitely helped me understand.
> This is however not a bug but intended. The information displayed below
> the thumbnail in icon view is specific to the entire image also with
> active people sidebar. Only the overlay that allows to confirm/type the
> name or discard the face rectangle are specific to the view shown with
> people sidebar active.
> Regarding your other two questions:
>  - There is no way to mark a face but not use this face for face
> recognition.
>  - There is also no way to separate tags applied to the entire image and
> only to areas. Every tag applied to an area (i.e. face) is also applied
> as a tag to the entire image.

Hi Simon

I agree that this is not quite a bug. I believed I had classified it as a wish,
not a bug, but I may have failed.
It is good that the picture helped you understand.
Here is a further explaination on why I found it confusing.
When I add names to the automatically selected rectangles with detected faces
after running face detection I simly chose the people tag, and then I worked in
the thumbnail view. If a picture had a face which I already had given a name
this name would appear below the thumbnail of someone elses face.
It is not a big problem, but it is confusing. 
Especially as I ended up in the thumnail mode without choosing this actively.

It is more confusing when I have only chosen the people tag, than when I
already have chosen one particular name to look at.

In the "preview image" mode it works perfectly when I let it "Show Face Tags".

So again, I agree that this is not a bug, but I am still of the opinion that
the interface could be further improved when the people tags is chosen and we
are in the thumbnail mode. It is a thumbnail of the marked face which is shown,
not a thumbnail of the picture.

Odd Harry

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