[digikam] [Bug 320666] Add search of similar images outside digiKam collections [patch]

Mario Frank bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri Jan 6 14:48:16 GMT 2017


--- Comment #30 from Mario Frank <mario.frank at uni-potsdam.de> ---
(In reply to Simon from comment #29)
> I played around with the patch. However I did not test/use this feature
> previously, so I don't know whether the following was introduced with
> this patch or already there before:
> In "Duplicates" the similarity in table view seem reasonable mostly. But
> when there are identical pictures in a group of similar images, there
> sometimes is one picture with 100, the other with 101, sometimes just
> one picture with 101 and sometimes all values are <100. I don't see any
> pattern when this happens. What does the similarity mean anyway in a
> group? Average similarity is intuitively understandable, individual
> similarity is unclear to me.
> In "Images" I get a binary: It is either 100 or 1.

This is odd. First of all:
In "Duplicates", the original picture should be on top when it is sorted by
similarity. The original image is the name of the duplicates album. Thus, it
must have the highest value. That's why the similarity of one picture is always
101. Since a similarity range is given, it is possible, that one picture has
similarity 101 and all others below 100. That's the expected behaviour. What
cannot happen is that some duplicates album has only one entry. The HaarIface
returns an empty list of duplicates if only the original image is present.
Also, it should not be possible that some duplicates album only has images with
similarity less than 100 since the original image is always contained in the

While the average similarity in the duplicates album list represents exactly
this - the average of all similar pictures (without the original), the
similarity in the image view/table view is the similarity of the specific image
to the original one.

Can you attach some screenshots showing the binary "Images" and the case where
all images have a similarity below 100?

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