[digikam] [Bug 374191] Unusable context menu entries in tags and people view

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Fri Jan 6 08:44:57 GMT 2017


--- Comment #25 from Mario Frank <mario.frank at uni-potsdam.de> ---
(In reply to Wolfgang Scheffner from comment #24)
> (In reply to Mario Frank from comment #22)
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> > I would implement the context menu item Find Duplicates for face tags to
> > lead to the selection of normal tags. Introducing a face similarity search
> > is far more complex and could be added to the wishlist. I agree that this
> > should be included in the handbook.
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> > ...
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> > Cheers,
> > Mario
> I understood Gilles in the way that he just want to make clear in the
> handbook that if one chooses "Find Similar..." from a face tag icon in
> People View digiKam will compare the whole image, not just the face.
> And about the wishlist: what is the point for a similarity search on faces?
> What would be the difference to face recognition? I'm not very keen on
> explaining that to the users.
> And by the way: face recognition is still not very satisfying to me. I don't
> even really know how to test it because I don't understand how I can see the
> result of a scan. Insofar I would hat to complicate matters, at least right
> now.

Hi Wolfgang,
I understood it the same way. It should be made clear. But the functionality
that leads to the selection of the people tags as usual tags in duplicates
search was not present. The context menu item "Find Duplicates" in people
sidebar currently does nothing.
Thus, I proposed to implement this functionality.

With face similarity search, I mean that duplicates are only searched on images
that share a specific face tag.

The problem with face recognition is that it either internally tags a detected
face with a people tag or with nothing.
But there is no way to get a list of faces to which a recognised face is
similar. Filtering detected faces which were not recognised is possible with
the "Unknown" people tag. But filtering detected faces where digikam thinks to
know who it is,
is not possible since the thumbnails are shown in the specific people tag but
not in Unknown. And there are only odd workarounds to get these potentially
wrongly recognised faces which are no good user experience.
Thus, searching for similar faces can be a big improvement. I would not propose
to use HAAR search for this. Instead, The face recognition algorithm could be
used to return faces that seem to be similar to a tagged face.

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