[digikam] [Bug 374191] Unusable context menu entries in tags view

Simon Frei freisim93 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 14:37:03 GMT 2017

Hi Mario,

I justed tested it and it worked as expected.
I have a question/proposition: The existing slotNewDuplicatesSearch
funciton accepts a generic album pointer and then determines what type
(physical/tag) it is. You made two distinct functions for lists as
arguments that still accept generic album pointers but named them to
make it clear that either physical or tag albums are expected. Wouldn't
it be cleaner and less error prone to use one function name
(slotNewDuplicatesSearch) and overload it with different parameters
(PAlbum*, TAlbum*, QList<PAlbum*> and QList<TAlbum*>)?

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