[digikam] [Bug 363998] DigiKam sees Nikon D700 but cannot import files

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Fri Nov 25 17:06:26 GMT 2016


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Stop imediatly (:=)))...

Read well my previous comments : YOU DONT need to install anything on your
system to run the AppImage bundle.

Download the AppImage bundle on your computer, somewhere in your account. Make
the file executable and start it as well from a console. That all. The bundle
is an archive which will be decompressed in memory as a virtual file system. In
this archive you have all shared libs that digiKam need to run. Also digiKam
executable is also in the bundle of course. Running the bundle == run digiKam
from the bundle.

It's simple simple simple. The libgphoto 2.5.11 is already in the bundle and
digiKam will use it. Alll system libraries are not use in the bundle. If
something is broken on your computer (or is badly packaged), this will not
perturb digiKam run time. 

VoilĂ ... You know all the stuff now...

Gilles Caulier

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