[digikam] [Bug 372485] Video thumbnails not created on OS X (Linux works fine since 5.3)

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Tue Nov 15 16:24:31 GMT 2016


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It's diffcult to judge, but at least we can give a clear state:

1/ Qt5::Multimedia framework do not give the same results on OSX and Windows
compared to Linux.
2/ Qt5::Multimedia framework under Linux use GStreamer codec in background
under Linux, which is a huge pain for end users. GStreamer is insoluble puzzle
with a lots of run-time dependencies. I tried to bundle it in AppImage for
5.3.0. Result, i lost one week only on this topic. This do not work !
3/ Qt5::Multimedia framework under OSX and Windows require extra codec. Why???
4/ Possible solution is to use ffmpeg backend + a Qt5 interface. Some project
already exist but are complex or not finalized or use OpenGL for video. OPenGL
is another pain, especialy uner Linux. So not at all...
5/ Another solution is OpenCV. But i'm not yet sure about the low level backend
used to decode video. OpenCV is another big puzzle, complex to solve.
6/ Write a Qt5::framework plugin to use ffmpeg. I don't found something
somewhere yet on the web... This will be my preferred way, but it's require
investigation and time.

Gilles Caulier

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