[digikam] [Bug 261417] Duplicate image counter is not adjusted when removing a duplicate

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Tue Nov 15 13:04:51 GMT 2016


--- Comment #19 from caulier.gilles at gmail.com ---
>Thus, I first have to find out which albums need to be updated. And since I can >jump from an SAlbum with the context menu to a physical album and delete the >duplicate image there, I am not even in the context of the duplicates search.

Well, it's simple. If one image can be present in more than one SAlbum, all
relevant SAlbum must be updated through DuplicatesFinder tool.

CoreDb class can be your friend here. But as i can see the relevant method is
missing about search album.

Another question : In avanced search tool, we can show items relevant of
complex DB queries. What's happen when i delete an item from a SAlbum in this
view ?

Gilles Caulier

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