[digikam] [Bug 261417] Duplicate image counter is not adjusted when removing a duplicate

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Mon Nov 14 11:28:45 GMT 2016


--- Comment #16 from caulier.gilles at gmail.com ---
>there are obviously 3 ways to delete an image:
>1 pressing the delete key
>2 klicking the right mouse button on the image and move to trash
>3 moving to trash with the main menu (entry->move to trash)
>The variant 1 seems to trigger variant 3 since it is a shortcut.

yes it is.

>There is a signal from stackedView to DigikamView (imageDeleted) that
>works for Variant 1 and 3 but not for variant 2.

exact. In this case, the contextual menu is managed by a common class :


Look this method :

void ContextMenuHelper::addStandardActionItemDelete(QObject* recv, const char*
slot, int quantity)

... which permit to plug an action to the menu to delete and item from icon

Moreover, I am not sure what you mean with the database iOS job. I did not find
any definition comparable.

Since 5.0.0, we have drop all KIOSlave and replaced by 2 multithreaded
interfaces, one for file management (rename, copy, delete, etc...), and one to
query the database. The last one is located here :


Look class SearchesJob which will manage all background Duplicates search
queries in database.

Typically, at end, when you process a duplicates search album to get result,
this DBJob is called. 

Typically, to refresh one duplicates search album, you must to call this DBJob
to process iface.rebuildDuplicatesAlbums() with right arguments to only handle
albums where you have removed duplicates items (from icon-view your can remove
more than one at the same time...)

Gilles Caulier

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