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--- Comment #1 from Mario Frank <mario.frank at uni-potsdam.de> ---
I am not sure to what extent sorting should be possible.
In fact, this feature request is not detailled enough. All (virtual) albums can
be sorted by name, path,..., size . Introducing an ordering by similarity to
the specific album is not that complex. But if the ordering is set to by size
in the main menu, the ordering by similarity is revoked and cannot be
reconstructed easily. One could add a sorting option by relevance, but this
should then be located in the main menu, too. But then, all pictures should be
sortable by some similarity to some other picture which only does make sense,
if the database is extended with a relation table originalPicture |
similarPicture | similarity.
And this table would have to be updated everytime an image is moved to trash,
moved back from trash, imported etc. In fact, the db would become much bigger
than it is currently since every picture has some similarity to another picture
which is a quadratic complexity. All the updates would also have visible impact
to the performance. Moreover, the usual sorting mechanisms work on the
properties of the specific image. Thus, using the sorting infrastructure
currently available looks more like a hack to me.

For fuzzy search on an image or sketch in special, the grouping by album is
contra-productive since the ordering by similarity would be partially revoked.

To conclude:
I am not sure which way to go here. As I see it, sorting by similarity is best
located in duplicates/fuzzy/sketch search where the impact on the database is
smaller. Also, there should be an option to sort by similarity in the main menu
but this option should only be visible when the focus is set to the
duplicates/fuzzy/sketch searches view.

Any comments/ideas/hints from the devs?

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