[digikam] [Bug 369051] Too low similarity threshold in fuzzy/duplicate search bloats the results with potentially unwished high-similarity results [patch]

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Thu Nov 10 05:08:48 GMT 2016


--- Comment #6 from caulier.gilles at gmail.com ---

Your patch is now applied to current implementation and will be avaialble for
next 5.4.0 release.

Next step for me is to review your new patch from bug #372217. Note that your
next patch must close certainly bug #302923 (please confirm). 

In parallel, can you check what can be do to improve again duplicate searches
tool with:

- bug #261417 : the searches album counter is not updated.
- bug #353331 : typically this one can be certainly closed as we can limit
search to a specific physical or virtual album. Please just review to confirm.
- bug #207188 : as i remember, the algorithm to process fingerprints over image
take a care about colors contents (else, this will have no sense...). So i"m
not sure if this file is valid...
- bug #274360 : i cannot figure why some king of image type are ignored. All
image format supported by digiKam will be processed while fingerprints
computation and searches.

Again, thanks for your contributions. I appreciate the quality of your patches,
which a a pleasure to review.

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