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Wed Apr 27 20:02:52 BST 2016


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Hello Richard.

I guess then the only possible way is to reproduce every error reported by the
end user and try to generate it. 

Queries in relation to the points you mentioned for completing MySQL support:
1)In the  "Experiment with TagsTree tables" patch, only testing needs to be
done? To ensure that it generates expected results?

2) To add a script for migration of databases with referential integrity
patches, would it require to create a new table in the database? I'm not
actually clear on this point.

3) To accurately make image/album/tag function, referential integrity is the
best possible solution in MySQL. To check if it is broken, multiple tables in
DB need to be checked and figure out in which one a record is missing, which is
present in other tables. I guess this could be a solution?


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