[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 361047] Wishlist: make grouped images more prominently visible [patch]

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Tue Apr 19 06:31:51 BST 2016


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Thanks Omar for you patch.

1/ code cosmetic : 

* Always add a space after a coma, especially  with methods arguments.
* Try to always align code with multi-lines
* Wrap code with bracket after if/else statements, especially with multi-lines.

2/ new border : why the rotated frames are not centered with thumb center ?
It's wanted ? They show more visible on the bottom side.

3/ optimization : these calls to generateFuzzyRect() are time consuming :

+QPixmap ThumbBarDock::generateFuzzyRectForGroup(const QSize& size, const
QColor& color, int radius)
+    // Create two normal borders
+    QPixmap border1 = generateFuzzyRect(size,color,radius);
+    QPixmap border2 = generateFuzzyRect(size,color,radius);

For some thumbnails it's not a problem. But imagine in an album with 100
grouped items ?
Why not yo simply make deep copy of first pixmap ?

4/ Go to Setup/Album-View, and turn on huge thumbnail support for HD screen
(thumbs >256 pixels size). The grouped frame do not work.

Gilles Caulier

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