[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 361339] Album auto-creation creates nameless subalbums and corrupts album hierarchy

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Tue Apr 5 22:34:06 BST 2016


--- Comment #14 from kramski at web.de ---
I'm setting up a new family picture server via NFS V3, server is BTRFS. This
used to work approx. 4 weeks ago, don't know which update broke it.

Latests tests were done on a laptop on ext4 (DB and picture folders). Can also
reproduce on XFS and on Samba mounts, so I don't think it's FS related.

Latest output:

digikam.general: Cancel Main Thread
digikam.general: One job is done
digikam.geoiface: ----
------------------------>AlbumManager::createPAlbum--1--> "New Album"
------------------------>AlbumManager::createPAlbum--2--> (".", "..", "Folder")
QUrl("file:///mufu/transfer/test-local5/Folder/New Album")
digikam.general: QFileSystemWatcher detected change at
digikam.general: Detected change, triggering rescan of directory
------------------------>AlbumManager::createPAlbum--4--> (".", "..", "Folder")
digikam.database: Starting scan!
digikam.dimg: "/mufu/transfer/test-local5/Folder//Subfolder/user-manager.png" 
: PNG file identified
digikam.database: Adding new item
digikam.database: Recognized
"/mufu/transfer/test-local5/Folder//Subfolder/user-manager.png" as identical to
item 11
digikam.database: Scanning took 1 ms
digikam.database: Finishing took 5 ms
digikam.geoiface: ----
digikam.general: Cancel Main Thread

Heinz (afk for today)

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