[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 344154] Raw image previews sometimes get a few pixels cropped off in the periphery

DrSlony bugs at londonlight.org
Sat Feb 14 12:21:18 GMT 2015


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--- Comment #1 from DrSlony <bugs at londonlight.org> ---
I copied the same photo several times into a new test folder. I rotated one of
them 90 degrees clockwise.
Viewing the next photo after the rotated one triggered this bug, the photo's
preview was the wrong size and strangely enough the exposure was also
different. The next photo after this one was correct. I alt+tabbed back here to
write then, then I alt+tabbed back to digiKam, rotated another photo, and now
neither of them show the bug...

I triggered it again, this time on a pair of photos (remember, this is the same
file, copied many times!) rotated left.
One is the JPEG preview, the other is the half-size raw preview. Why? We've
been discussing this in some other issue for over a year now, that these
automatic heuristics are a _VERY BAD IDEA_. I'm quite tired of banging my head
against the wall release after release, where each patch breaks something more.
Does anyone test these patches before committing them, is there any quality
control in digiKam?

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