[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 342481] Provide Build Instructions for Windows

Claudius kde.bugs at wolki.de
Fri Feb 13 22:58:07 GMT 2015


--- Comment #7 from Claudius <kde.bugs at wolki.de> ---
I just spent 2 hours with kde / emerge. I got to a point where it produced
readable error messages (meaning: i went into their powershell and python code
to find out what went wrong for long stretches of this task).

Here's a list of things i tried until i got there (in case anyone else tries
this on windows):

* before doing the `. .\kdeenv.ps1` you need to allow script execution (d'uh).
Be advised that this is a potential security risk. Run this from an elevated
powershell: `Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted`
* emerg.bat does not use the python that's configured in etc\kdesettings.ini
(make sure the right one is on your path, even though the readme explicitly
claims, emerg would take care of that). This may be related to the next point,
* kdeenv.ps1:182 tries to get the "PYTHONPATH" from the settings (ini), but
that is not actually in there. Nicely enough, there is even a TODO tag nearby
(line 181) informing me that this can't actually work.
* the required "subst"s (long paths made into drive letters) didn't set up
correctly on my system. I simply set those up by hand to match the tiny table
kdeenv outputs for reference.

After fixing these, i now get an error with the digest of putty. I'm not yet
sure if i will continue this ordeal, though.

(Line numbers refer to the current state of branch kde-4.10, which is commit

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