[Digikam-devel] [digikamimageplugins] [Bug 332314] Lens Auto-Correction seems to prefer makernotes over Exif making fixing manual lenses impossible

DrSlony bugs at londonlight.org
Thu Feb 12 14:19:18 GMT 2015


--- Comment #7 from DrSlony <bugs at londonlight.org> ---
Test in 4.7.0.

Now updating makernotes works, maybe the exiftool update is responsible for
that, I'm using version 9.82 now.
exiftool -P -overwrite_original_in_place -FocalLength="8.0"
-FocalLengthIn35mmFormat="14" -ApertureValue="11.0" -FNumber="11.0"
-LensModel="Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fish-Eye CS" -LensMake="Samyang" -LensInfo="8.0
8.0 3.5 22.0" -MakerNotes:LensType="Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fish-Eye CS"
-MakerNotes:FocalLength="8.0" fisheye_samyang_8mm_shed.pef

I can apply the lens correction manually, yay!
But, as stated by Maik, automatic does not work.

Bug 1:
The raw contains Make:PENTAX Corporation
showFoto's make drop-down list has "Pentax Corporation", with the word PENTAX
not in capitals as the camera writes, therefore the match fails.

Bug 2:
The raw contains Camera Model Name:PENTAX K10D
showFoto when I select Make:Pentax Corporation has the camera model as "Pentax
K10D", again not using the original file's capitalization, therefore the match

Bug 3:
The match for the lens also fails, even though the list does contain my lens
with the exact same spelling and capitalization as far as I can tell.

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