[Digikam-devel] SoK update - Finding Eigen Values and vectors

Koushik S skoushik333 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 15:31:37 GMT 2014


I haven't posted any update so far on the progress, so apologies for that.
I've been learning OpenCV functions w.r.t the project. The algorithm
consists of finding "weak-textured patches" using a gradient covariance
matrix. Using the matrix, the eigenvalue and eigenvector can be calculated.

There is a function in OpenCV -- cornerEigenValsAndVecs, which returns a
matrix having 2 channels as eigenvalues, plus 4 channels for eigenvectors.

This is where I'm stuck currently. In the paper, the gradient covariance
matrix is factored (using SVD), and the resulting singular values are taken
as the eigenvalues. I couldn't compare the both, as I seem to be having
problems computing the SVD in OpenCV.

Koushik. S
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