[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 340933] Digikam crash while tagging photos

Heikki heikki at heikki-valisuo.fi
Fri Nov 14 18:12:31 GMT 2014


--- Comment #2 from Heikki <heikki at heikki-valisuo.fi> ---
After doing the following I have experienced no crashes while tagging the
photos for more than two hours. Much longer than yesterday. 

Some days ago the digikam crashed while starting. I got from the web some
indication that the reason may be do to videos I have in the album. Just as a
guess I changed priority of my packman repository to 101 and the priority of
KDE-Extra to 100. ( I have understood that it is not adviced.)

Surprisingly the digikam started to work except the crashes I experienced

Today I changed all the priorities to 99 and installed the latest updates of
tumbleweed with the command zypper dup. There has been no crashes for quite a
long time after that.

(Yesterday I started my system from suspend to RAM state, today I rebooted the
system after the update. I have got a feeling that sometimes something does not
work properly after suspend, but that is just a feeling based on no evidence or
facts. Nonsense I guess.)

I will report if I experience a crash.

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