[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 340945] libkgeomap, libmediawiki, libkvkontakte, libkface not found

nucleo nucleo at fedoraproject.org
Fri Nov 14 10:57:10 GMT 2014


--- Comment #3 from nucleo <nucleo at fedoraproject.org> ---
In digiKam 4.4.0 was possible with -DDIGIKAMSC_USE_PRIVATE_KDEGRAPHICS=off
build libkface, libkgeomap, libmediawiki, libkvkontakte but not build libkipi,
libkexiv2, libkdcraw and libksane that are part of KDE releases.

CMakeLists.txt 4.4.0:

    SET(KIPI_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkipi)
    SET(KEXIV2_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkexiv2)
    SET(KDCRAW_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkdcraw)
    SET(KSANE_LOCAL_DIR extra/libksane)

SET(KFACE_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkface)
SET(KGEOMAP_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkgeomap)
SET(MEDIAWIKI_LOCAL_DIR extra/libmediawiki)
SET(LIBKVKONTAKTE_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkvkontakte)

But in digiKam 4.5.0 with -DDIGIKAMSC_USE_PRIVATE_SHAREDLIBS=off all libs not
CMakeLists.txt 4.5.0:

    # from kdegraphics/libs
    set(KIPI_LOCAL_DIR   extra/libkipi)
    set(KEXIV2_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkexiv2)
    set(KDCRAW_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkdcraw)
    set(KFACE_LOCAL_DIR  extra/libkface)
    set(KSANE_LOCAL_DIR  extra/libksane)

    #from extragear/libs
    set(KGEOMAP_LOCAL_DIR       extra/libkgeomap)
    set(MEDIAWIKI_LOCAL_DIR     extra/libmediawiki)
    set(LIBKVKONTAKTE_LOCAL_DIR extra/libkvkontakte)

libkipi, libkexiv2, libkdcraw and libksane are still part of current stable
4.14.3 KDE release, so have common system packages, but libkface, libkgeomap,
libmediawiki and libkvkontakte don't have and should be built with digiKam.

What README say:

"-DDIGIKAMSC_USE_PRIVATE_SHAREDLIBS=on"    Force to use local libkipi,
libkexiv2, and libkdcraw, etc implementation instead KDE version installed on
your computer.

But actually this switch enables/disables also libkface, libkgeomap,
libmediawiki and libkvkontakte.

I found that libkface is available for downloading as part of unstable 14.11.90
applications release
but where separate releases of libkgeomap, libmediawiki and libkvkontakte?

Actual digiKam NEWS file in tarball is digikam-4.5.0/core/NEWS but looks like
it was taken from git where 4.6.0 news now.

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