[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 205776] Option to load full image size in preview mode does not only do what it says with RAW files [patch]

Matti Rintala bitti at cs.tut.fi
Tue Nov 11 07:13:40 GMT 2014


--- Comment #70 from Matti Rintala <bitti at cs.tut.fi> ---
Although I'm not currently using Digikam in my workflow (this may change again
in the future), I'll add a small comment as I originally filed this "bug".

The embedded preview and previews created from raw data have really different
processing done to them (by the camera for embedded previews, by the raw
decoder in the other case). The resulting image may look very different. That's
why I think it's important that what is shown to the user is *consistent*,
otherwise it becomes difficult to preview images if they sometimes have
camera's processing done to them, sometimes not.

Making the choice based on screen resolution is problematic if the user does
changes between monitors (laptop user sometimes using external display,
sometimes laptop's screen). Using the preview are size is even more problematic
if Digikam is not used fullscreen, then just changing the window size may
change the preview method (if I understood correctly).

I personally vote for letting the user choose the method and not using
heuristics. But since the heuristics may be good for people with multiple
cameras, what about letting the user choose the minimum embedded preview size?
If the embedded preview is larger than this size, it is show. Otherwise a
preview is generated from raw data?

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