[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 205776] Option to load full image size in preview mode does not only do what it says with RAW files [patch]

DrSlony bugs at londonlight.org
Mon Nov 10 11:41:52 GMT 2014


--- Comment #67 from DrSlony <bugs at londonlight.org> ---
Thank you for explaining that. For people with screens 4MP and larger (or
cameras that write small JPEG previews) the heuristics become messy, impossible
to predict.

Taking this into account, I would propose the following choice for raw files
(again empowering the user):
● Automatic preview (this is using your heuristics).
○ Fast demosaiced image (full resolution fast demosaic).
○ Fast demosaiced half-resolution image (optional choice mayb useful for those
with 36MP cameras).
○ High quality demosaiced image (AMaZE or whatever).
○ Largest embedded JPEG preview.
○ Largest embedded JPEG preview, high quality demosaiced image on keyboard

Explanation for the last option: the JPEG preview is almost never
representative of the raw data. When checking hundreds of raw shots for sharp
focus, the JPEG is enough. When checking for over/under-exposure, demosaicing
is the safe choice. While quickly browsing through shots, would be nice to be
able to hit a keyboard shortcut to quickly render a demosaiced preview to
screen. Yes this last option is a separate feature request, but I thought I'd
mention it here as it involved the other changes.

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