[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 205776] Option to load full image size in preview mode does not only do what it says with RAW files

Vincent Tassy timetre at free.fr
Mon Nov 10 10:13:19 GMT 2014


--- Comment #66 from Vincent Tassy <timetre at free.fr> ---
Current behavior is the same as before so for RAW files:

option checked in the settings:
 Always display Half Size preview

option unchecked in the settings:
 If embedded JPG is large enough, display it
 If not, display Half Size preview

The only difference is that with the patch I submitted, the decision whether
the embedded JPG is large enough is based on the size of the preview area and
not the entire screen resolution so behavior will change if the window is
maximized or not, if the sidebars are opened or not, etc ...

In the end, I guess the idea is to support all possible RAW/EmbeddedJPG
combination ... so if a RAW file's largest embedded JPG is much smaller than
the preview area, there's no point in displaying it ! not good enough as a
preview so instead let's display a fast processing of the RAW ...

I was originally in line with your requirements but then, thinking about it, I
guess it could be problematic to FORCE loading the embedded preview because if
you have RAW files with too small embedded JPGs, you would have to switch the
option to view these files correctly, and then switch again for others, it
would be unpractical.
I myself have 3 different types of RAW files and am not facing the situation
I'm describing so I'm not serving my own purpose here ;) but I'm just guessing
this is the reason these "heuristics" have been implemented in the first place

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