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Hi krinke,

I solved this problem in OpenSuse several years ago - it is still the same
issue with digiKam 4.1.0 Build 11.1 or 11.8 (for KDE 4.13).

You have two options - first install the mariadb/mysql gui "mysqlworkbench"
which make things much easier, or do it on the command line. I will show the
second option here.

Note: the latest "mysqlworkbench" of the 13.1 database repository seems to be
broken, at least in my environment. Use the old rpm from Suse 12.3 for 13.1 and
it works great.
Setting up a mariadb (default) or mysql db for digikam/amarok in Suse 13.1:

Important note - if you upgraded from OpenSuse 12.3, mariadb will not start.
see output of "systemctl status mysql.service". It tells you to:
 >touch /var/lib/mysql/.force_upgrade
 >systemctl restart mysql.service

1. Set mariadb/mysql root password - it is empty

#Check if service is running:
>systemctl status  mysql.service

# open mysql client on the console:
>mysql --host= --user=root --port=3306

and type:

use mysql;set password for root at localhost = password('xxxxxxx');
flush privileges;delete from user where User='';

2. change mariadb configuration for digikam before creating databases

mysql/maria db settings will use up a lot of space if binary logging is enabled
and no single tablespaces are used. To avoid troubles later on check the
/etc/my.cnf  BEFORE you create the databases for digikam and amarok.


Find a line that reads "log_bin" and remove or comment it as follows:
  #log_bin = ...
  # binlog_format=mixed
You also need to remove or comment following lines if present:
  #expire_logs_days        = 10
  #max_binlog_size         = 100M

It is also recommended to use "large" server settings if you have a lot of
assets/images - see maria db docs.

3. restart mysql db and check server status

Note you have to setup a root user for mariadb/mysql first. google for mysql
setup - can be done o

>systemctl restart   mysql.service
>systemctl status  mysql.service
>mysql --host= --user=root --password=** --port=3306

4. On the mysql prompt type:

'digikamuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '**'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
GRANT SUPER ON *.* TO 'digikamuser'@'localhost'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

For Amarok type:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON amarokdb.* TO 'amarokuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY

Note: ** must be replaced by your passwords

5. Adapt digikam and amarok database settings and check the connection:

host/rechnername:        localhost  port/anschluss: 3306
name of schema/database: see steps above
name/password of user:   see steps above

Then you are asked to setup the filepath to the main collection in digikam
again. After that you have to configure digikam which is a hard job as well.

6. Install argyllcms and dispcalGUI to create color profiles
   for semi professional usage of digikam 
   Setup mariadb/mysql backup - see docs

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