[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 337443] New: digikam hangs when opening the preferences window on the collection management tab

Mathias Homann Mathias.Homann at opensuse.org
Mon Jul 14 16:40:49 BST 2014


            Bug ID: 337443
           Summary: digikam hangs when opening the preferences window on
                    the collection management tab
           Product: digikam
           Version: 4.1.0
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: grave
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Albums GUI
          Assignee: digikam-devel at kde.org
          Reporter: Mathias.Homann at opensuse.org

I can't add a collection to digikam, it freezes up when i try to open the
preferences window.

The prefs window shows up, is responsive for a few seconds, then the whole app
freezes solid.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. start digikam
2. open the preferences window
3. wait a few seconds
Actual Results:  
The app freezes, no changes on the settings can be made, even though the app
windows are not "dead", they redraw properly when you move them around or bring
them to the background and back.

Expected Results:  
"The app should be usable".

strace shows this when attaching it to the "dead" app:

brk(0xb32a000)                          = 0xb32a000
brk(0xb34b000)                          = 0xb34b000
brk(0xb36c000)                          = 0xb36c000
brk(0xb38d000)                          = 0xb38d000
brk(0xb3ae000)                          = 0xb3ae000
brk(0xb3cf000)                          = 0xb3cf000
brk(0xb3f0000)                          = 0xb3f0000
brk(0xb411000)                          = 0xb411000
brk(0xb432000)                          = 0xb432000
brk(0xb453000)                          = 0xb453000
brk(0xb474000)                          = 0xb474000
brk(0xb495000)                          = 0xb495000
brk(0xb4b6000)                          = 0xb4b6000
brk(0xb4d7000)                          = 0xb4d7000
brk(0xb4f8000)                          = 0xb4f8000
brk(0xb519000)                          = 0xb519000
brk(0xb53a000)                          = 0xb53a000
brk(0xb55b000)                          = 0xb55b000
brk(0xb57c000)                          = 0xb57c000
brk(0xb59d000)                          = 0xb59d000
brk(0xb5be000)                          = 0xb5be000
brk(0xb5df000)                          = 0xb5df000
brk(0xb600000)                          = 0xb600000
brk(0xb621000)                          = 0xb621000
brk(0xb642000)                          = 0xb642000
brk(0xb663000)                          = 0xb663000
brk(0xb684000)                          = 0xb684000
brk(0xb6a5000)                          = 0xb6a5000
brk(0xb6c6000)                          = 0xb6c6000
brk(0xb6e7000)                          = 0xb6e7000
brk(0xb708000)                          = 0xb708000
brk(0xb729000)                          = 0xb729000
brk(0xb74a000)                          = 0xb74a000
brk(0xb76b000)                          = 0xb76b000

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