[Digikam-devel] Review Request 112626: improve tag prediciton for taglineedit

Markus Leuthold kusi at forum.titlis.org
Mon Sep 9 23:14:12 BST 2013

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Review request for Digikam, Gilles Caulier and Marcel Wiesweg.


Improve tag prediciton for taglineedit

Tag prediction for the taglineedit-widget, introduced in d13f94a8c5cf18, relies on the order of tag usage. A more recently used tag will show up first in the taglineedit dropdown compared to a tag which was assigned long time ago. For this purpose, the recentlyAssignedTags list from the AlbumDB class can be used. The length of the list is currently limited to 10 entries, which is way too short for a reasonable tag prediction. Increasing recentlyUsedTags buffer from 10 to 200 gives quite good result. Only the first 10 tags are displayed, but internally, the first 200 are saved.

The behavior of recently used tags in digikam is not affected, additional memory usage on the disk is minimal (200 * 4 bytes in digikamrc)


  digikam/tags/tagspopupmenu.cpp c6154b1dd5f2a544a323c484dfea38d35ca1352f 
  libs/database/albumdb.cpp 8ca4fd0e0323fb7c8bae65f947d21b9d9ee6b50c 

Diff: http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/112626/diff/


I'm successfully using this feature since April


Markus Leuthold

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