[Digikam-devel] Digikam bugs management

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 17:37:07 GMT 2013

2013/11/29 Yuri Samoilenko <kinnalru at gmail.com>:
> Hello.


> I have poor understanding of bug fixing workflow in KDE(digikam), please
> correct me if I mistaken.
> 1. Bugs/feature requests going through bugs.kde.org, where I can type for
> example 'digikam target' and see list of bugs.

yes. We have 4 main components :

digikam (core)
digikamimageplugins (editor tools)
showfoto (stand alone editor)
kipi-plugins (kipi tools)

In each, there are a lots of sections used to sort reports/wishes,
else it's the hell to found/follow in time.

With bugzilla, you can query database with complex expressions and
conditions. It's a very powerfull tool to manage a big project as KDE
or digiKam & co

> 2. There are no 'assigned to' property in bug.

yes. we don't use this bugzilla feature. By default it's assigned to
digiKam team (:=)))...

> 3. I can make some investigation and ask questions in bug thread.

Sure. The goal is to ask to users to give more info around files, in
case of dysfunction is not reproducible in local.

A lots of entries are duplicates. Currently i review all entry to mark
duplicates and reduce entries list.

A lots of entries are false problems, relevant of packaging, and are
solved in time with new version.

A lots of entries are just reported one time by end users and lost in
time. There is no feedback when we ask questions. In this case, after
a long period, we close it as FIXED/WAITINGFORINFO

> 4. Then I have just fix bug and commit in to master with keyword "BUG" ,
> "FIXED"  or something else with bug-id to automatic resolve bug in
> bugtracker.

Use "BUGS: entry id" (note the typo with _S_). Sometimes BUG don't
work. I don't know why. File will be closed as RESOLVED/FIXED

USe "CCBUGS: entry id" to just CC the commit message without to close
entry, in case of you need more feedback from end users.

> 5. something else?

Well if you have a doubt, look in KDE wiki for future question.

If time permit i can also help you in IRC or by mail. But currently
i'm very busy with other students that i much backport separated
branches in master, especially Qt4 model/view port, necessary for the
future in goal to port digiKam to Qt5. I test and found a lots of
regression and bugs... It's long...

I also need to pass a lots of time on Import tool with another guy who
have work in 2012. He go back after a long military period, and I
would to be sure that he will maintain this code in the future. After
all, i cannot do all myself.

This week end, also, 4.0.0-beta1 will be released. I would to be sure
that last important bugs are fixed for this first publishing, else,
reports will bloat bugzilla for nothing...

So, don't be surprised if i'm not too fast by mail. I receive around
30/40 mail by days about digiKam, from end users, from students, from
others contributors. I must be very disciplined to prevent

VoilĂ , have a nice week end.


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