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--- Comment #5 from Michiel Wittkampf <michielwittkampf at gmail.com> ---
I supported this bug in the past. So I reviewd it today. My opinion /
experience  with version 3.4 (Michiel Wittkampf) :

> > 1. Fullscreen in view mode
> > 2. Switching between "zoom in/full image". Keep zoom and viewport position between images.

Both work good. Supurb!

- keyboard shortcut for "zoom in/full image" seems changed. It is now: Ctrl-,
- it is (now) possible to change fullscreen-mode in the settings. One can
include 'hide toolbars',  'hide sidebars' and 'turn off thumbnails'. So pushing
the button 'fullscreen-mode' changes all at once. (There is one side-effect in
Ubuntu with unity: it is difficult to find how to leave the fullscreen-mode.)
- i have tested the functionality. But I did not use it enough the last year to
comment on the current speed. Speed is important. It seems far beter then
described above.

Request for improvement:
It would be very handy it would be easy to find *and* to set al the settings
more easily. This includes the settings:
1) turn on/off fullscreen mode
2) set or include 'hide toolbars',  'hide sidebars' and 'turn off thumbnails'
in fullscreen mode
3) turn on/off "Use real images for embedded preview". In order to switch
between speed and details.

A proposal:
a dedicated userinterface like 'light table'? For example two different modes
in the light table: 'side-by-side' and 'switching'?

> > 3. Marking images.

The new color-marking is supurb as temporary marking tool. Thanks!

This way Digikam is becomming a much better workflow tool. Thanks a lot for the
enormous effort!

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