[Digikam-devel] Batch Queue Manager

Yuri Samoilenko kinnalru at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 19:16:19 GMT 2013

I have made some improvements in External Tools(not renamed yet), and I
have some ideas to discuss.

1. I have made an ugly hack to allow shortcut management of ET from ET
settings, and I don't know how to deal with it. Can anybody help me or give
explanation in this task?

2. ET settings moved to own tab in BMQ settings, and when we think about ET
as of process made after all other filters, than renaming tab to "Post
processing" is good idea. But We can think about ET as possibility to "put
processed images to somewhere after processing" and than we can call it as
"Destination" or "Target". For example Target of proccessed images is new
album(as by now), or/and Target of proccessed items is remote
drive/archive, or/and Target is External Tool. What you think about it?

3. ET from BMQ(maybe Post Processing through External Tool) is differs(by
meaning) from ET calling from main application window, when I can select
multimple images and process them through script to make archive or
somthing else. And I think that "External Tools" is most appropriate name
of this action, especially when I can designate hot key for quick

4. Theoretically ET can have special mode(enabled through checkbox) when
executing tool can print to stdout names of converted/newly created items.
This output can be captured by Digikam(ETRunner) and placed to album,
through "Target" settings for example. What you think about it?
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