[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 326525] Severe memory leak during maintainance scan for rebuild thumbnails

Raphael Schweizer rschweizer at schweizer-informatik.ch
Tue Nov 19 19:47:20 GMT 2013


--- Comment #79 from Raphael Schweizer <rschweizer at schweizer-informatik.ch> ---
(In reply to comment #78)
> I just downloaded libpgf r123 from svn and installed it. I checked with ldd
> that the library was actually used. It was.
> Problem is still there, memory usage skyrockets. Any clue?

Without further information, hard to say. I assume you did use the code from
trunk and not by chance from bincomp or cmakeport? Did you compile with
disabled OpenMP support? We still have confirmed memory leaks when using
libgomp (though these shouldn't be "skyrockets").
- Raphael

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