[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 196927] No easy way to expand or collapse deep tag hierarchies [patch]

Veaceslav Munteanu veaceslav.munteanu90 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 12:06:43 GMT 2013


--- Comment #27 from Veaceslav Munteanu <veaceslav.munteanu90 at gmail.com> ---
Ok, I will explain what current implementation can offer.

Before explaining: Note that both digikam sidebars have a root tag called My
tags that house all kind of visible tag. You can't tags in other places so "My
Tags" is the root of everything.

What does digiKam support:
1. Click on tag to expand/collapse with one level(basic operation - was
implemented). Tags Manager also support multiple selection and expand via
context menu options. But here, Tags Manager is not suitable for working with
tag-image interactions such as tagging images (it's only for reorganizing tags
+ few batch options).

2. Recursively expand a tag via context menu, So [+]Tag1 will become
[-]Tag1->[-]Child1->[-]Nephew1 ... until all it's children will be expanded.
The same goes goes for collapsing - all it's children and tag itself will be
collapsed. So if you collapse a full expanded node and click it to expand one
level you will see [-]Tag1 ->[+]Child1 (You have both options for recursive
expand/collapse in context menu). Also option works with multiple selection:
Select two independent tags using Ctrl and you will have both tags fully

3. Otto requested a full tag collapse/expand. I avoided creating new options by
allowing user to apply previous recursively collapse/expand on My Tags. If you
apply recursively collapse to My Tags, you will only see [+]My Tags, if you
apply recursively expand, you will see entire tag tree.

So, expanding/collapse all and expand/collapse one should be enough to build
your custom tree more easy. 

You should understand that I can't provide you with expand 2 levels, or expand
x to  levels, or expand only first child or third child and keep everything the

In short, I implemented Ottos "paper"

I can't provide you a more detailed expanation than this.

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