[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 196927] No easy way to expand or collapse deep tag hierarchies [patch]

DGardner dkde at gardnersworld.org
Mon Nov 11 13:16:38 GMT 2013


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> Sir, you are very rude.
> [...] Users always comes with fantastic requests [...]

OK, OK, so Otto is rude and I live in some fantasy world. Now, let's get back
to my description of the feature I request some years ago. I cannot tell from
your comments if the change you have implemented addresses my specific request
#196927 or not. Please walk me through your new feature and explain how I can
use it to reduce a tag tree in this state:

  [+] Events
  [-] People
      |- [-] Family
      |      |- Alice
      |      |- Bob
      |      |- Carol
      |- [+] Friends
  [-] Places
      |- [-] Australia
      |      |- Adelaide
      |      |- Melbourne
      |      |- Sydney
      |- [-] Germany
      |      |- Berlin
      |      |- Hamburg
      |      |- Munich
      |- [-] Spain
      |      |- [-] Andalucia
      |      |       |- Granada
      |      |       |- Seville
      |      |- [-] Catalonia
      |               |- Barcelona
      |               |- Tarragona
      |- [-] USA
      |      |- Boston
      |      |- Los Angeles
      |      |- New York
  [+] Things

to a tag tree in this state:

  [+] Events
  [-] People
      |- [-] Family
      |      |- Alice
      |      |- Bob
      |      |- Carol
      |- [+] Friends
  [-] Places
      |- [+] Australia
      |- [+] Germany
      |- [+] Spain
      |      |- [+] Andalucia
      |      |- [-] Catalonia
      |               |- Barcelona
      |               |- Tarragona
      |- [+] USA
  [+] Things

I raised the feature request because the only way to go between these tag trees
was to click the "[-]" to close the sub-tree for each country other than the
country on which I wanted to focus. Closing the unneeded tags would make it
less likely that I would have to scroll up and down to view my "Places" tags
and my "People" tags (the latter are already in the requires expansion state)
during a "tagging session". My suggestion was to be allowed to right-click and
select "Collapse All" on the "Places" tag and then just expand out
"Places/Spain/Catalonia", leaving all other "Places" tags collapsed. That would
take four clicks (one for the menu and three for the tags), vs. one click for
each unwanted country. I have about 25 countries in my actual tag tree, so that
requires 24 clicks to close all other countries and then some more to focus on
the state/city within the country of interest.

Now, as you are the developer, you do not have to comply with any specific
implementation that I, your user, suggest. If you do not want to use a
right-click menu, that is OK. However, I do expect that if you mark this issues
as FIXED, that I will now have some new facility available to transform the tag
tree in the manner that I require and that the facility will not be
significantly less efficient that I would expect.

Can you explain to me what mouse clicks are required and on what elements of
the UI to transform the first tree above into the second tree? Feel free to
insert a "My Tags" root tag if that is a necessary new element. If you can do
that, I will be satisfied that my request has been granted.

Thank you in advance for clarifying this for me.

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