[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 326525] Severe memory leak during maintainance scan for rebuild thumbnails

Raphael Schweizer rschweizer at schweizer-informatik.ch
Fri Nov 8 10:30:33 GMT 2013


--- Comment #68 from Raphael Schweizer <rschweizer at schweizer-informatik.ch> ---

- UNINIT/JUMP warnings are false positives (I'll check and mark accordingly on
coverity when new analysis is available).
- Memory leak @CEncoder::CEncoder(Encoder.cpp:101) FIXED (soon on SF); other
OpenMP memory leak must remain low-priority for the time being (we do not have
sufficient resources to check with valgrind/gcc/libgomp, if time allows we'll
at least check with VC++ [and Intel])
- cppcheck: fixed two issued (others are related to little/big endian
conditionals), soon on SF

Next steps: Dario will intermittently work on CMake toolchain and eventually
OpenMP issues

- Raphael

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