[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 196927] No easy way to expand or collapse deep tag hierarchies [patch]

Otto Hirr ottohirr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 21:23:36 GMT 2013


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First I want to emphasize that I consider it important to discuss things from a
user perspective, and only then, later, discuss how it is implemented. To
discuss implementation without a clear understanding of what a user would like,
leads to poor implementations. I am a user of digiKam, and though I do sw dev,
I always want to know and spec user requirements before considering
implementation. It is the role of sw dev to translate user requirements into

> Created attachment 83395 [details]
> Screen shot
> As you can see, I only Have one root tag: My Tags

Yes, you are correct. I just pulled up digiKam. Yes, "My Tags" has the ability
to be a "current cursor" in the tree widget.

> And my latest commit added 2 options to expand/collapse recursively.
> Expand /Collapse recursively on My Tags, will do what you requested on 1.

Yes, you are correct. If "My Tags" is able to be a "current cursor" and able to
apply the E|C methods, then you are correct in that it will do 1.

> I don't know where is the "forest", since it's visible only one root tag.

I used the "forest" CONCEPT in that no one would ever tag anything "My Tags" -
that node, which is an implementation detail, is not a categorization (tagable)

I, as a user, perceive each top level tag as the top of a tree of tags. In your
image, I see six top level tags. Each of these top level tags could be a tree
of categorization. Such as 'Events', 'Places', 'People' - and everything under
each of these top level tags as a refinement of the top level tag.

So from the user's perspective, I view your image of your tag-set as a forest
of six trees. Each could be a whole categorization system of refinement of the
top-level tag AND that tags under any of the top level are not mutually
exclusive. An image could have a tag under People and under Events. Whereas a
tag system of Animal, Plant, Mineral ... or whatever is mutually exclusive, ie
it is not both a plant and animal. People are free to do what they want.

So from a USER perspective, I did not consider the 'My Tags' as a "current
cursor" - it would not be something anyone would "select"...

But from an implementation perspective, since "My Tags" is able to be a
"current cursor" - it will work beautifully for E|C recursively.... yet no one
would ever "select" it to tag an image. From a usability, would a user consider
making the "My Tags" a "current cursor" so as to apply E|C to the whole forest
of tags. This is a documentation and/or live-cursor pop-up help tip issue.

> There are other, color tags, that you can't manage.

Yeppers, I can be kinda pedantic in my thinking, but it does provide for
clarifying distinctions. 

I have not tried or read through your code. But I do look forward to using the


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