[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 326525] Severe memory leak during maintainance scan for rebuild thumbnails

Raphael Schweizer rschweizer at schweizer-informatik.ch
Thu Nov 7 08:44:46 GMT 2013


--- Comment #45 from Raphael Schweizer <rschweizer at schweizer-informatik.ch> ---

at last:
- regarding memory leak @CPGFImage::WriteHeader(CPGFStream*)
(PGFimage.cpp:924): we believe we only leaked memory if we eventually ran out
of it (fixed in latest sourceforfe repo version) (though I'm not sure how OMP
is related here)
- uninitialized values @CEncoder::WriteValue(CSubband*, int) (Encoder.cpp:327)
are false positives
- uninitialized values @CSubband::Quantize(int) (Subband.cpp:134) are also
believed to be false positives

We've just set up a new linux box for more testing (including your test from
comment #35)

- Raphael

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