[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 320185] Compatibility issue with hierarchical tags between Digikam and WLPG (and perhaps other software).

kavish at hetnet.nl kavish at hetnet.nl
Sat May 25 23:07:56 BST 2013


--- Comment #6 from kavish at hetnet.nl ---
I attached two test xmp files, one made by Digikam and the other with WLPG.
Please look at the difference in the DC tags.

I noticed Digikam adds Microsoft tags in order to be compatible. That looks OK.
However, it looks like Windows Photo Gallery is overruling what is read in the
M$ tags by what is found in the Dublin Core. I actually wonder if the Microsoft
tags are really used. Perhaps they are only a sort of "M$ was here" sign, but
that will be difficult to find out.

I start wondering if it was such a good idea at all to organize my photo
collection using xmp tags. This doesn't look at all like a standard to help
users, but more like a new way to make people stick with one vendor.

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