[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 320185] Compatibility issue with hierarchical tags between Digikam and WLPG (and perhaps other software).

kavish at hetnet.nl kavish at hetnet.nl
Fri May 24 20:38:46 BST 2013


--- Comment #2 from kavish at hetnet.nl ---
You really don't know WLPG, or are you just kidding? It is Window Live Photo
Gallery. You are supporting Microsoft Photo xmp tags in Digikam, so I guess you
know what it is.

I have a "very old" version of Digikam, because I have been using the latest
Long Time Support version of Ubuntu for more than a year now and it just comes
with that version.

Today I upgraded to Kubuntu 13.04 and that has Digikam 3.1.0 in its repository.
Do I really have to upgrade even further? I prefer to use the repository if
there is no really important reason for downloading and installing manually.

In version 3.1.0 I tried the same and it gives exactly the same results.
Hierarchy is no longer visible when loading the photo into WLPG. The Dublin
Core xmp tag has only the name and not people/name, like in the other tags.

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