[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 205776] "Embedded preview loads full image size" does not only do what it says, confusing users

Gerry Patterson thedeepvoice1 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 1 04:36:56 BST 2013


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I have been suffering a bit of from this issue as, since the heuristicis went
in, I have been forced to preview all the raw files using the half size raw
preview instead of an embedded jpg.  (I use Canon 350D, 40D and G9).  I thought
this was "the way it is" until I discovered that my laptop viewed the same
files with the embedded jpg.  This was strange since the laptop has a higher
resolution screen than my primary system.  After poking around, I found that
the heuristics were using the entire size of my desktop, which on a dual screen
system is quite wide.  I submitted a patch to bug 296651 which uses the actual
screen size instead, which I think is the intent.  Hopefully, it makes it into
future releases as I think it may help others.

As to the above requests, would the following two dropdowns work?

Click on RAW Files
1. Load Embedded Preview  (always, unless fails)
2. Decode Half Size Raw
3. Decode Raw into Editor

Click on Non-RAW Files  <- Is there a better way to describe non-raw files?
1. Load Embedded Preview  (unless fails)
2. Load Full size Image
3. Start Image Editor

Best regards,

- Gerry

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