[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 317114] digikam searching files in wrong folder.

Markus Golser elmargol at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 07:21:59 GMT 2013


--- Comment #2 from Markus Golser <elmargol at gmail.com> ---
I have two two collections

1. /home/markus/Bilder 
2. /home/markus/BilderRemote

if I add a folder on /home/markus/BilderRemote/test/test2

I get this console output:
digikam(21624)/digikam (core) Digikam::CollectionScanner::scanAlbum: Folder
does not exist or is not readable: 

no files are shown, no thumbnails are generated.
Note that BilderRemoteRemote does not exist the foldername is BilderRemote

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