[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 313938] Workflow doesn't save/restore tool parameters

mnaugendre at gmail.com mnaugendre at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 15:29:12 GMT 2013


--- Comment #4 from mnaugendre at gmail.com ---
Here is an excerpt of the file :
            <toolname value="Resize"/>
            <toolgroup value="5"/>
            <index value="0"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="1024" name="LengthCustom"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="3" name="LengthPreset"/>
            <parameter type="bool" value="false" name="UseCustom"/>
            <toolname value="Sharpen"/>
            <toolgroup value="4"/>
            <index value="1"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter type="double" value="0.5" name="RefocusCorrelation"/>
            <parameter type="double" value="0" name="RefocusGauss"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="5" name="RefocusMatrixSize"/>
            <parameter type="double" value="0.03" name="RefocusNoise"/>
            <parameter type="double" value="1" name="RefocusRadius"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="0" name="SharpenFilterType"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="3" name="SimpleSharpRadius"/>
            <parameter type="double" value="1" name="UnsharpMaskAmount"/>
            <parameter type="double" value="1" name="UnsharpMaskRadius"/>
            <parameter type="double" value="0.05" name="UnsharpMaskThreshold"/>
            <toolname value="WaterMark"/>
            <toolgroup value="6"/>
            <index value="2"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter type="QColor" value="#cccccc" name="Background color"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="100" name="Background opacity"/>
            <parameter type="QColor" value="#000000" name="Color"/>
            <parameter type="QFont" value="Sans Serif,10,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0"
            <parameter type="int" value="2" name="Placement"/>
            <parameter type="QString" value="" name="Text"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="100" name="Text opacity"/>
            <parameter type="bool" value="true" name="Use background"/>
            <parameter type="bool" value="true" name="Use image"/>
            <parameter type="QString"
name="Watermark image"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="15" name="Watermark size"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="1" name="X margin"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="1" name="Y margin"/>
            <toolname value="Convert2JPEG"/>
            <toolgroup value="8"/>
            <index value="3"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="90" name="Quality"/>
            <parameter type="int" value="0" name="SubSampling"/>

I don't understand every parameter, but my watermark filename is right, JPEG
conversion quality is '90' as it should be, resize seems to be '1024' as it put
it; but when I choose 'assign workflow to the current queue' I don't get these

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