[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 316882] Digikam shows wrong date on some mp4 files and shows no exif data

Tex Tex2571 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 17 10:36:07 GMT 2013


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--- Comment #3 from Tex <Tex2571 at hotmail.com> ---
Ok.  I may check that soon and, as I indicated, I'm not surprised by the answer
since I did notice  that metadata is not displayed and implicitly noticed that
the time that is used cannot possibly be related to metadata.  

However, this doesn't explain what filesytem data is being used (why isn't it
ONLY the file modification date?), or why  two files handled in the same way
showing the same date characteristics are treated with very different dates by
digikiam, or (especially) why the date used for sorting and filtering and
thumbnail view disagrees with the date shown by the tooltips or properties

The ultimate solution might be a feature enhancement and might be underway, but
the problem still represents a bug in 2.9.  I don't know if you apply bug fixes
to previous versions or just move forward with something like this to improve
the new implementation instead, but there does seem to be a true bug in 2.9.   
So I'm setting this back to uncomfirmed, but if you still disagree I guess I'll
leave the status alone next time.

I have a number of my own metadata manipulation scripts so I'm aware that at
least the command line form of exiv2 isn't even able (or hasn't been) to even
read video metadata. (but I still use it for images because it's MUCH faster
and fall-back to exiftool for video metadata read operations).  Actually I can
use these scripts to batch reset the filesystem dates to match the metadata
dates.  Hopefully if I set both status time and modification times  this
problem will go away for me at least, but that obviously doesn't make the bug

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