[Digikam-devel] regarding my assigned bug

Markus Leuthold kusi at forum.titlis.org
Tue Mar 5 22:11:04 GMT 2013

Hello Saurabh

Thanks for testing the patch!

I assume you mean "character" instead of "word". And I assume you assigned 
first "Panda", then "Panda Kung Fu" previously. So "Panda Kung Fu" is the most 
recent item in the list, therefore "Panda Kung Fu" appears first (case A, see 
code).  It only changes to "Panda" after we get an exact match of an item with 
the entered text (case C), and after the 6th charachter it becomes again 
"Panda Kung Fu", because this is the first item in the most-recent-list and we 
don't have an exact match between usertext and items anymore. So the behavior 
is as intended. 

The shortcut is made visible to the user via the keyboard shortcut menu 
("assign tag"). I agree we could make it more visible to the user (ideas: via 
status bar like its done in Gimp, or via tip-of-the-day, any other ideas?). 
But I don't think is's a good idea to expose the shortcut via mouse context 
menu: the idea for this shortcut is NOT to use the mouse.

The one feature which is nowhere explained to the user: when you press the 
enter key TWICE after assigning a tag (while the tageditbox is focussed), the 
main iconview is again focussed, and the next image is selected. Any ideas how 
to make that feature obvious to the user?

best, Markus

On Tuesday 05 March 2013 22.44:51 Saurabh Patel wrote:

    I was able to test the patch: http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/108382/ 
assigned to me.It worked fine.Also it focuses on tree view in right sidebar as 
you already mentioned Gilles.Also in menubar Tag in digikam there is no 
shortcut option seen.In other words it's a cached keyboard shortcut not 
visible to users.I also had a question Markus:I had 2 previous tags panda and 
panda kung fu, until 4th word panda kung fu was the first option then when it 
reached 5th word panda became the first option and then after 5th word panda 
kung fu became first option.Shouldn't first option be panda until 5th word if it 
is sorted and then panda kung fu.

Yes it's better than previously available option in which whole word had to be 
typed and is a good feature which every user would like and this feature 
should be added.Also shortcut made visible is different topic and could be 
implemnted differently but this sort of auto-completion feature is must.

Also,tell what should I try to do with this patch.


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